Family Open Day #BELIEVE IN SCIENCE with Mayo Science & Technology Festival

2019 Mayo Science & Technology Festival Open Day

The emphasis of the Open Day is on fun and learning. Interactive shows, a reptile zoo and hands-on demonstrations from a huge range of Mayo industries are just a taste of what to expect from this fun filled family day out. 

Many of the best known employers in Mayo are taking part and will showcase some of the technology they use on a day-to-day basis.  

This will be a very exhilarating day out for all ages where you're sure to find something of interest. All events are free of charge and there will be free parking at the event.  

Date:       Sunday 17th November 2019

                Doors opening 11:30am in the GMIT, Castlebar

Tickets:   Tickets for shows will be available on TUESDAY  12TH November at 2pm and will be provided on a first come first served basis. Additional tickets will be available on the open day at 11.30am.

Apply for Tickets - Science


Teddy hospital 

Teddy Bear Hospital

Tickets  will be available at the open day (outside hospital ward door- Y011 )

Times for the hospital; 

11:30am, 12:15pm, 1pm, 2:30pm 3:15pm and 4pm.

Science Shows

The Scientific Dilemmas of Dippy the Dinosaur - Scientific Sue 

Scientific Sue

Join Scientific Sue on yet another ROAR-some journey of scientific discovery!

Learn about how Paleontologists, the intrepid explorers of unchartered territories, discover fossils of prehistoric proportions and then use them to unravel the puzzles surrounding the lives of dinosaurs. This unique, educational and entertaining show investigates and explores some mind-boggling dilemmas of the magnificent sauropod: DIPLODOCUS.

What is so special about their tails?

How did they digest the huge amount of plant food required to feed their humongous bodies?

Why are so many fossilised sauropods unearthed headless?!

A fun informative show for all filled with brilliant science. Promoting the concept of working scientifically Children can be bring their own dinosaurs along

Dynamic Earth (24 minutes) Narrated by Liam Neeson - Ages 6 and over

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth, the audience dives below the ocean surface and into a swarm of microscopic organisms that hold the key to our climate: DIATOMS, RADIOLARIANS, COPEPODS, and colorful OCTUPUS LARVAE: all rendered in exquisite detail for giant screens. As these creatures fade into the background, the audience finds itself in the middle of schools of JACKFISH and HAMMERHEAD SHARKS, before rubbing shoulders with an enormous HUMPBACK WHALE.

 Animal Encounter Zone - The National Reptile Zoo 

Reptile Zoo

Come face to face with some of the worlds most amazing animals!

The National Reptile Zoo believe that the only way to really appreciate some of these magnificent animals is to meet them personally; and we’ll give you the chance to do just that! Animal encounter sessions are carried out by trained reptile wranglers and they’ll show you a side to these beautiful creatures that you never knew existed!

Come and experience the animals first hand; snakes, lizards, tortoise, tarantulas and scorpions to name but a few!.

'Hoe to Speak Gorilla' with Dr. Michael Leach, Zoologist and Author



Michael Leach is field zoologist and author of wildlife books. He has written 32 to date, these have been translated into 14 languages. The books are based on his own first-hand observations of wildlife on all 7
continents. He works with subjects in their natural habitat and this has taken him to some of the world’s most remote places, such as the Amazon, Antarctic, Borneo, Tibet, Greenland etc. He started life as a cameraman
filming TV wildlife documentaries and now concentrates on his first love - books.

Using his experience living with mountain gorillas of Central Africa - gathering material for a book project - Michael has launched a science festival workshop on apes. Or, in other words, “how to walk like, think like
and speak like a gorilla” - one of the most iconic animals on the planet.

The audience learns, and participates, how to chest-beat, knuckle-walk and communicate via belches.

Aims of the event:

To introduce children to the life of a zoologist, to reveal the plight of endangered species, explore animal adaptation, appreciate the consequences of habitat destruction and stimulate imaginative engagement with
other species.

The workshop gives the children the opportunity to think outside of their own cultural experience and to engage imaginatively with the discovery of an exciting species that is new to them – in this case the
endangered mountain gorillas of the African cloud forest.

The children will learn how to get close to gorillas in the field and how to communicate as gorillas, using body language and vocalisations. Additionally, the sessions invite children to draw upon their own experiences of observation to explore the techniques involved in understanding animals and just how scientist/authors set about writing exciting wildlife books.

The Ugly Animal Roadshow

Save the Slug

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, celebrates and explores the incredible biology of the animal kingdom’s most monstrous.  What adaptations make them amazing?  How did such hideous creatures evolve in the first place? Featuring videos, demos and audience participation, Simon Watt will showcase  the ugliest of the animal kingdom that he wants us all to be fighting for.

The Science of Climate Change - James Soper's Show

There is no planet B

No politics, no prejudices, just science. James Soper presents a brand new show that explores the science of our climate, how it is changing and the personal, social and global importance of science and technology to our society.

Written specifically for Irish schools and to cover the Junior Cert Irish curriculum (Geography J.C. 1.6 and 2.6 and Science J.C. 2.7 together with Statements of Learning 7, 8, 9 and 19) this show will give students and teachers plenty to consider in James' trademark interactive and engaging style.

Dr Ken Science Show Circus Blurb

 Dr Ken

Roll up, roll up it’s time to check out the science of the circus.

Champion Juggler & practicing scientist Dr Ken explores the scientific principles behind skilful tricks and dangerous stunts.

Find out why jugglers love gravity, if Dr Ken can eat fire without burning himself and why unicyclists keep moving to stay still.

It’s science but not as you may know it!!!

YouTube Links:

Highlights of Dr Ken's Circus Science Show on tour in Malaysia

Science of Spinning a Ball on a Drill

Dr Ken Science Circus Show @ X-Periment! Singapore Science Festival

Science & Technology Workshops


mad labs

Become an electronics engineer for the day and learn how to use a soldering iron. In this hands-on workshop you will build your own working electronic gadget to take home.

Find out if your friends are telling the truth with a Lie Detector, play a musical tune with Bagpipes, protect your secret stash of chocolate with Stop Thief, or use Decisions Decisions to decide whether to do your
homework or play with your Xbox. Website:

Victoria Walker Dance "Chemistry Crew"


Victoria Walker Dance "Chemistry Crew" are delighted to be returning to Castlebar Science Fair. We would like you to come and believe in science with us. Which move is science fact and which is science fiction let the dance reveal

Our Sun and Other Stars - Deirdre Kelleghan


The workshop will begin with a 20 minute presentation about our Sun.

A drawing session will then start with tuition, encouragement and suggestions. This workshop will look at our sun in detail, discuss where stars come from and why they are different colours.  The latest news on ESA and NASA missions . Notes on constellations for all.  Stickers from ESO  for all. European Space Agency  posters for teachers.

This is your Brain on Drums Workshop - Anthony McNamee


The 'This is your Brain on drums' workshop invites you to come along and learn some new skills. No previous drumming experience is needed. Drumming is a great workout for your brain and actually can make you smarter because when you drum you access your entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres.

Participants will learn some African and South American Rhythms, how to solo and play together as part of a large drumming group. Over the course of the workshop participants will combine the rhythms they have learned to construct a dynamic piece of drumming music.  It’s all designed to stimulate creativity and to have fun.

STEAMworks with Toodlelou  

Steam Works

Join Toodlelou for Action Art, a hands-on creative exploration workshop where science, engineering, art, technology and maths come together to make and create incredible works of art. Suitable for kids ages 5 to 10, we'll be working together and individually to make instruments for art making and creating a real splash! 

B‌ecome a Planet Champion & Save the World - Declan Holmes

One World

We will look at the problem of climate change by exploring how our activities create excessive greenhouse gases. We will explore the science behind our changing climate by launching rockets and hot air balloons. The aim of the workshop is to show the solutions to the climate crisis and to make changes in our lives for a better future.

Xperimental Scientist..Tastebuds


Where are your taste buds? What do they do? Different flavours, Mixing flavours, Using your nose, Blindfold tasting, Sugar & sweets

Mad Professor Science Workshop

Mad Scientist

 Mad Professor delights you with science of everyday items. We take you through a journey of Electricity, Physical Sciences and chemistry

Experience Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Foroige's 'Mayo STEAM Network

When -  Sunday  November 17th 2019 

Where - Mayo Science and Technology Festival, GMIT Castlebar

Event type - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Climate change, experience workshops for all the family.

Event description - Experience Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Foroige's 'Mayo STEAM Network. Using  our state of the art Oculus Quest and  GO headsets. you can be transported anywhere across the Globe. Watch Climate change documentaries in 360 video. express yourself through 3D graffiti and design or challenge yourself on our Plank experience or Rocket races. for younger children our Augmented reality software can make their artistic creations come to life! we will also have some other Surprise STEAM activities going throughout the day

Audience:- Augmented reality - All ages. Virtual Reality ages 10 and up (Subject to suitability of the Headsets)

Number of attendees -  20 per hour. workshops running all day

Admission - Free

Presentations and Industrial Demonstrations

#NEW  " Drone the Future and Satellites"   Ian Kiely Sky Drones Ireland


Ireland is playing a more significant role in space research and satellite technology with investment from The European Space Agency and supports from  The Tyndall institute and The National SPace Centre in Cork.

Mayo Fire Service

Fire Service

The Command Unit will be coming to the open day.  This unit is a specialised vehicle deployed as a mobile command centre with latest technology in Communications ,information management and mapping databases, It also has a CCTV and Thermal image camera fitted.  

Environmental Protection Agency


The above DJI Inspire Drone is used by the EPA throughout the country.  Find out why at Mayo Science and Technology Festival

Order of Malta

Order of Malta

Marine Institute

Marine Institute

National School Design Challenge

The winners from the National School Design Challenges will be announced on the day and the winning school will display their Design a Bridge Challenge at the Science in Action Open Day.



Make sure you avail of this year's fantastic mixture of interactive shows, hands- on activities and presentations. You are sure to find something of interest!!!