Family Open Day #BELIEVE IN SCIENCE with Mayo Science & Technology Festival

2018 Mayo Science & Technology Festival Open Day Events


#BELIEVE IN SCIENCE is coming to you...

Sunday 18th November 2018

Doors opening 11:30am in the GMIT, Castlebar


The Mayo Science & Technology Festival Open Day takes place this year on Sunday the 18th November 2018 in the GMIT, Castlebar.

The emphasis of the Open Day is on fun and learning. Interactive shows, hand-on demonstrations from a huge range of Mayo Industries.  Many of the best known employers in Mayo have agreed to take part and on the day they will showcase the types of technology they use on a day-to-day basis and there is no doubt that this will be a very exhilarating day.  

It's a great day out for all ages and you're sure to find something of interest. All events are free of charge and there will be free parking at the event.  

Tickets for shows will be provided on a first come first served basis.


Check Out Our Exciting Shows


Ireland's Ingenious Engineers Show! – Scientific Sue 

Come and join her on her latest journey of scientific discover and find out about the amazing science and engineering which is linked to Ireland’s Ingenious Engineers

Designing (probably) the best drinking chocolate in the world, creating a cloud in a bottle, colour changing vegetables, ice cream in a baggie and sending rockets sky high are just a few of the demonstrations that will be used to fire the spirit of discovery within and create lots of excitement. With the help of lots of volunteers Scientific Sue will attempt to answer these questions and many, many more.


Information for Ken Farquhar's Show will be available soon

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Exploration Dome  ‌

Ireland's most Advanced Mobile Planetarium


"We bring the Wonders of the Universe to your doorstep"

 "Solar Quest" is a full dome planetarium short feature that demonstrates how the Sun and Earth are interconnected and that we are "Living with a Star."

Granules, solar flares and coronal mass ejections are highlighted.

“Solar Quest” discusses the impacts of space weather and how the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protects all life on Earth.

"Solar Quest" features the role of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and how scientists are using it as a way to help identify and predict sever space weather.


*Back by Huge Demand - THE ANIMAL ENCOUNTER ZONE - The National Reptile Zoo 

Come and experience the animals first hand; snakes, lizards, tortoise, tarantulas and scorpions as well as others.


Information for James Soper's Show will be available soon

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'Dino's Down Under' - Dale Treadwell


After a decade exciting us about tales of the life in our own Irish back garden’s.  Dale Treadwell, Dustin the Turkey and Albie the Why Guys from  rtejr  best loved  nature guy is set to take us on a journey to his own back yard of Australia with a catch it’s the Gondwana Land of over  100 million years ago!!!  Dale is joined by a cast of realistic Down Under Dinosaurs and an exciting AV display‌


Check Out Our Exciting Workshops


New MadLabs is coming to the Open Day - Information will be available soon‌

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‌Learn Robotics 

 Do you want to learn about robotics! It's cool and interesting. It teaches several different subjects at once; computer aided design, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, maths as well as a host of practical skills. There will be a  series of 1 hour workshops covering different aspects of robotic design using LEGO Mindstorms kits.

Robotics is the next big thing, do you want to be part of it? 


Victoria Walker Dance "Chemistry Crew"

Come and Believe in Science with us. ‌  Which move is science fact and which is science fiction let the dance reveal.



The Space Show - Science Ireland (Declan Holmes)

The Space Show will take you on a voyage across the solar system to discover the vast universe beyond. This interactive show will explore questions like what if the sun was half it's size or if the moon didn't exist. 


African Drum Workshop - Anthony McNamee

The One World Drumming circle invites you to come along and learn some new skills. No previous drumming experience is needed. 

The workshop makes use of rhythms from around the world, using drums and percussion instruments which are fun and easy to play. Participants will learn some African and South American Rhythms, how to solo and play together as part of a large drumming group. Over the course of the workshop participants will combine the rhythms they have learned to construct a dynamic piece of drumming music.

 Excellent for hand eye coordination .  Its all designed stimulate creativity and to have fun.


NEW NEW NEW....“Let’s Go to the Moon- Apollo 11”..CHECK IT OUT!

The workshop will begin with a 20 minute presentation about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. A drawing session will then begin with tuition, encouragement and suggestions. This workshop will ensure the attending audience will know how to locate the landing spot of Apollo 11 on the moon with their naked eye. The workshop will finish up with a short video from the NASA Apollo Missions.

 Deirdre will teach the children all about the Apollo 11 moon landing, including a drawing session and a life-size Buzz Aldrin to help explain the astronaut’s suits and how they survived.




Learn to programme, create games, animations and apps. ‌‌   If you would like to have a go please bring a laptop with you on the day.


STEAMworks with Toodlelou

Explore the merging of science and art with Lindsay from the Toodlelou Creativity Lab. We'll be experimenting and exploring with a wealth of materials to produce works of art inspired by and created with science. A hands-on workshop of colour, creativity and learning.


Xperimental Scientist.."Light & Colour Workshop"#NEW

Diffracting white light to view its component colours. Making a Newton's colour wheel. Using chromatography to view the components of black ink. Using black light to view fluorescent ink. Using filters to explore how animals view colours. Diffused light & concentrated light - how do lasers work? 


"Mad Professor Science Workshop" 

 Making Science fun, an inclusive workshop using everyday materials to demonstrate the fun side of Science.


Check Out Our Exciting Presentations and Industrial Demonstrations


  # NEW #NEW#NEW  " Drone Jobs of the Future"   Ian Kiely Sky Drones Ireland

Drone Consultants Ireland have been looking at a variety of ways to use drones for good. Improved safety, emergency services, agriculture and efficiency are a few areas we will look at. Everyone is welcome and we are happy to answer questions.


Mayo Fire Service

The Command Unit will be coming to the open day.  This unit is a specialised vehicle deployed as a mobile command centre with latest technology in Communications ,information management and mapping databases, It also has a CCTV and Thermal image camera fitted. 


Environmental Protection Agency. . Information will be available soon‌

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Irish Coast Guard

Information will be available soon‌

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Order of Malta

Information will be available soon‌

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Marine Institute

Information will be available soon‌

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National School Design Challenge

The winners from the National School Design Challenges will be announced on the day and the winning school will display their Design a Bridge Challenge at the Science in Action Open Day.




Make sure you avail of this year's fantastic mixture of interactive shows, hands- on activities and presentations. You are sure to find something of interest!!!